December 17, 2014

Prelaunch Campaign: How we went from 0 to 5000 Users in just 2 days of our Prelaunch without Spending a Nickle.

The Start-Up

Orobind is an online marketplace of fitness coaches. We connect people who would want to get fit with personal coaches around them. The above offering forms the premium segment of the freemium model. Towards the latter, free personalized diet, real time chat support and workout plan are provided.

The Pre-Launch Campaign

The Achievement: We initiated our pre-launch campaign with a team of six posting the link on Facebook, and by end of day two, we had hit 5000+ sign-ups. The best part, net dollar amount spent: $0.


The Proof

So, you have a great product lined up for launch; and by virtue of default, great products don’t fail. Right? Well, the world is a decadent place. To succeed, your product needs to be out there, under the spotlight, competing with every single bit of information on the internet vying for the average Joe’s attention.
Pre-Launch campaigns provide an opportunity to achieve that, while also building a sense of curiosity around the product. However, at the fundamentals of a successful campaign is the phenomenon of Virality. Now, the economics of virality is not easily quantifiable. For us,, the campaign lit up. Here are our two cents from the experience.

Note: The learnings/tips included herein are for fellow entrepreneurs. As far as applicability is concerned, we have tried to generalize the content to be industry independent.

According to our analysis, following are the factors that helped us:

Landing Page:

It is where the first interaction happens. So, it might be prudent to say that all niceties associated while physically meeting a person apply. Be simple, subtle, and most of all, perspicuous. Your visitors should not have to go through circumstancing complexity; and they definitely would not.

  1. Page Design:Personally, I am big fan of minimalistic design philosophies. It allows the page to be simple, succinct, and yet appealing to the eye.
  2. Content:Lesser the better, period; we just had 12 words, including branding, on our landing page. However, take into consideration that the “message” shouldn’t get attenuated.
  3. User Details:As I said before, it is like meeting someone the first time around. Do not bombard them with questions and/or nudge them to provide information. For a pre-launch campaign, per se, an e-mail id is all you need. Let it be that.
Picture 2: Screenshot of our homepage.

Screenshot of our homepage.

  1. Call-to-Action:Studies report the overtly clickable nature of the BoB – Big Orange Button. Empirically seen, in our case, it did provide a push to our conversion rates.


We designed our landing page incorporating the above said pointers and achieved a Conversion Rate of 43.69 %. Let me emphasize that the fact that it is just a pre-launch landing page. So, it’s either a hit or a miss.

Referral Program:

One thing I learnt from all my campaigns till date is that it is more than difficult to objectify all the variables leading to a successful referral program. I believe, the plethora of intertwining interactions in our complex time space continuum is the reason behind that. However, shuffling through a good lot of permutations and combinations gives me a basis to point a few:

  1. Tone:It has to be a solemn appeal and personal in tone. However turbulent times we live in, a simple and sincere request still works. Well, most of the time.
  2. Incentives: They work wonders in spreading a message. As Malcolm Gladwell writes in The Tipping Point, it helps us find the “connectors”. However, these incentives should be realistic in nature and most importantly, should be scalable.
  3. Parallel Paths:We created 03 variations to our thank you-cum-referral page. A/B testing reported a significant quantitative advantage from one of the versions. So yeah, empirical tests viz. A/B testing help a lot in data quantification along the way.
  4. Channels:Research your target audience and their social networks. Acknowledge the most prominent ways to reach out to them. However, stay focused; too many channels would lead to division and digression of attention and thence, Virality. In our case, we just stuck to Facebook, Twitter, and direct referral URL’s.

Referral Page

  1. Closed Virtual Loop:We looped over referral program via e-mails; which kept the sharer/referrer informed on his progress. This added credence for us and gently nudged the user to keep on sharing.


Mailer stats: Average Open Rate: 64% | Click Rate: 31%

Picture 5: Google Analytics – Referral Traffic

Google Analytics – Referral Traffic

Referral Stats: Referral Traffic: 59.68% | Referral Signups: 81.8%

We hope that the above said content would come as useful help to budding entrepreneurs meandering through the nuisances of Virality. The information provided is just our own perspective. Discussion/Comments/Inputs are totally welcome.

Finally, we would like to thank everyone who made the mill churn.


  1. Jake

    Excellent Post! :)
    I’m impressed with what you were able to acomplish. Did you use a service for your landing page and refferal program or did you build it yourself?
    Happy Holidays!

    • Everything has been built in-house.

    • TJ

      The landing page referral program is a great way to add virality to your page and grow your launch list.

  2. This is a great case study thanks for sharing on growth hackers.

    I love the referral program you used and would love to know what you used for it or if it was custom?

    Thanks so much in advance.

  3. Great case study, very impressive ! Thanks for the details.

    Would you be able to share more details on where/how you seeded your campaign and for how long?

  4. Great post! Congrats!

    Some issues:

    – Why don’t you add a space after “:”? Looks bad. “Channels:Research” vs “Channels: Research”, the 2nd looks better;
    – “you-cum-referral page”? you cum… referral page? Sounds really bad.
    – Double scroll? I don’t need 2.

  5. Thank you. Instantly one good idea popped into my head for my own product after reading it. This idea with moving line sounds really powerful.

  6. Daniel George

    Really interesting and concise post.

    Are you able to give any more detail about how the 5 ‘shared the link’ on Facebook? i.e. was it simply posting it to as many relevant friends, business and group pages as possible?

    • We’ve shared it on our wall and asked few of our friends to do the same. It took off from there :)

  7. Alia

    Sundeep, this post is great, but mostly I wanted to compliment you on your use of words! There are some beautiful and unexpected words and phrases used in this post that I absolutely LOVE: perspicuous; the world is a decadent place; the plethora of intertwining interactions in our complex time space continuum; etc.

    It made for an entertaining read :)

  8. Equilateral Search

    Amazing stuff Sundeep, goes to show what great planning can do! Keep up the great work and good luck for the future!!

  9. Mahendra Baid

    Wonderful! Nice to see referral working for a many people now! We are committed to referrals & recommendation. Probably the best way to get your customers.

    Look forward to see more such success stories – all the best!

  10. Charlotte

    Thanks for the article! Good inspiration for our brand!

  11. Damon

    I love the approach, specifically the referral program. Very powerful method, well done and I look forward to hearing more!

  12. Romina

    Amazing, Sundeep! Thanks so much for sharing. Already getting tons of ideas on how to implement this for our product. Loved the referral program. Great post and super-inspirational! :)

  13. Adam Thomas

    Closing the LOOP!

    Getting the items in place for a successful launch is all about closing the loop an getting the system to work.

    Once thats all in place, all the work doesn’t slip through the cracks. Sounds like you havea great product on your hands. I hope for massive growth :-)

  14. Ify

    Thanks for this post and for sharing on growth hacker. Am really curious on how you were able to close loop the referrals. What tool or tools did you use to achieve that. Any useful info will be helpful. Thanks.

    • We didn’t use any tools. Entire campaign’s been built in-house only third party service we used was mandrill to send automated mails.

  15. Great way of getting traffic and conversion rate though. Landing pages often works good and can boost your earnings too. More information mentioned here is very helpful, and I will definitely utilize it in my next project.

  16. sundeep great job!! can you suggest some good social media marketing companies in Hyderabad area

  17. Chintan jain

    This is one of the best articles i have read explaining how to scale to the top right from the Pre-launch. Great work folks.

  18. judsonhannaJay

    You blocked out the sources of the referrals on your Analytics screenshot. Why don’t you want us to know?

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